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Morning, Cherry

Fanart: Vassalord, Johnny Rayflo

artist - SpadeArt on Tumblr

Scanner is up and running! MWAHAHA!

So! to celebrate that (and me actually getting something accomplished) have a nekkid Johhny from Vassalord. Just lineart for now, with plans to color.



is the official south park twitter fucking with us


It would be nice seeing Makoto and Sousuke actually interacting, talking and stuff, and being like ‘Man what are we doing with our lives? Throwing our lives and dreams out the window for two people who never gave two flying fucks about us yet we will always be here waiting for them like the best friends and self sacrificimg we are’


The Ford Fiesta looks a lot like Yoshi


x abby



….was it really necessary to make him that attractive? he has two lines, is on screen for less than five seconds, has no name and probably will never get one so why did you feel the need to make him so fucking pretty? that’s unfair…

guys. this is a real person.